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Residences at Porto Recanati on the Conero Riviera

Stay in our residences and visit Porto Recanati and the wonderful Conero Riviera.

The blue of the limpid sea and the green of the pine forest that descends towards the beach are distinctive characteristics of this coastline.

This large seaside area is completely secluded from traffic, while being in the middle of a town centre filled with colourful homes. These houses are clustered together and remind us of the ancient vocations of the fishermen villagers of Porto Recanati.

residence porto recanatiThe residences of the Vacanze Mare Agency, immersed in the vegetation and not very far from the sea, are the ideal solution if you want to spend your holidays at Porto Recanati and to enjoy all the charm of the Conero Riviera. Choose among our residences the most suitable for your holidays at Porto Recanati.

It lies on a stretch of the coastline and over an extensive hillside, offering unique scenic views and a historical atmosphere, Mount Conero, at an altitude of 572 meters and rising directly from the sea, is part of a unique promontory that extends from Trieste to Gargano.

The presence of abandoned caves transforms the Park into an open book of geological history encapsulating the stratigraphical succession of the Umbrian and Marche regions.

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