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Food and wines in the Marches

  • Piatti tipici

    STOCCAFISSO ALL'ANCONITANA Stockfish is another important dish from the Ancona area. Originally from the Norwegian islands of Lofoten, a history of shipwrecks and rescues lie behind this tradition.
    BRODETTO DI PORTO RECANATI Another traditional dish from the sea is Porto Recanati's Broth. Although originally a dish of the poor, consumed by the fishermen of the area, the ingredients and seasonings have been enriched over the years and it has now become a culinary delicacy offered in 13 different varieties: from fish to molluscs and crustaceans.

  • Rosso Conero

    This is the appellation that expresses the area of Ancona, capital of the Marches region. The production area is limited and surrounds the Monte Conero area that is the only hill on the Adriatic coast between Trieste and Gargano. The unique climatic conditions with excellent sun exposure and sea breezes not to mention the soils which are mainly chalky clay with low fertility, allow the grapes to mature only when the numbers of bunches are limited on the vines. The wine has colour, body and a good level of tannins that combine well with the strong aromas and power of youthful exuberance. This is a wine is not always aged in wood and evolves well in the bottle.

  • Verdicchio

    The Verdicchiois known as one of Italy’s greatest white wines thanks to its unmistaken character, depth and surprising versatility. In the spring following the harvest, it can be enjoyed as a aromatic young wine. When the wine is matured for a longer period in the cellar, it is bottled only at the end of summer and at this point becomes a Verdicchio which has good balance thanks to the extra maturation of the wine in steel tanks or sometimes even in large wooden casks.

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